I International Congress on the Common and the Commons

Between 12th and 14th of June happened in Caxias do Sul – RS, the “I International Congress on the Common and the Commons”, I was there presenting a paper on Open Educational Resources and Open Licenses.

This was the first presentation of work on the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER) that I did with the theme of my Master’s project. It has been shown as a fascinating subject since four presentations were approved, with this one (CEBIO, VII CBE, and Debian Conference a lecture on the topic).

The content presented was the summary of a full article (to be published soon) and addressed the 8 hours of activities that were conducted with the students to discuss and present the OER. At the congress, there were other works on the subject of education, but mine was the only one approaching open licenses for the contents of education.

It was a super quick trip to Caxias do Sul and an opportunity to open the presentations on this theme officially, I hope to engage broader audiences in the coming months and follow the plan to promote this theme!

More information about the event:

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Felipe Do E. Santo

Professor, Mozilla Tech Speaker, Mozilla Rep and a Web Dev, currently doing a Master's and researching about Open Educational Resources.

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